Intercultural DISC™ webinar on 7th of July 2016 at 9am PST/12pm EST/5 pm BST



This live webinar is going to introduce you to a framework which has helped one of our clients to be in Top 0.001% in their industry...they were voted #8 in the world by customers...

 Problem: When your customers and employees feel confused, frustrated or misunderstood, they become disengaged and they choose your competition. This issue multiplies in a multicultural environment. 

Solution: Understanding how cultural backgrounds and personality types influence behaviour, thinking and expectations is the strategic advantage of high-performing companies. 

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CSabiPresenter: Csaba Toth – Managing Partner – ICQ Consulting Europe

Csaba has over 15 years of academic and professional experience. He holds 2 masters degrees and he is certified in several frameworks which all serve the same purpose, understanding and optimising behaviour among people across cultures.

He is the developer of the internationally accredited and endorsed Intercultural DISC™ framework which is designed to prepare business people for the challenges of 21st century which cannot be solved by models created before the globalisation has changed the game.



Diversity exists because people found different ways of solving problems as they have different experience and way of thinking. This can be the most profitable asset or most expensive liability depending on how it is managed. Unfortunately the methods created before globalisation do not offer complete solutions for the new challenges which directly affects your business.

This webinar is designed for coaches, trainers and HR people whose performance depends on how much they understand their clients and employees.

The live 60 minutes  webinar is based on 3 stages:

Building Awareness                                                                           IDISC

  • Globalisation – The greatest liability
  • Globalisation – The greatest opportunity
  • The power of perception

Building Competency

  • Culture – software of the mind
  • Diversity without inclusion is liability
  • Introduction to intercultural models – Group level

Building Skills

  • Introduction to Intercultural DISC™ – Individual level
  • Case Study – Voted #8 out of 900,000 in the world by customers
  • Questions and Answers

What previous participants thought about the webinar?

“I was very impressed with your webinar yesterday. Your approach is a breath of fresh air.”

“Thanks so much for the informative presentation and Q&A session. Always looking for new ways to help our clients. Inclusion, and understanding what it entails, seems to be the big issue!”

“Thank you so much for providing the Intercultural Disc webinar and sending your slides! I learned a lot of valuable information.”

“Thanks for your presentation. You left me wanting to learn more.”

Expert opinion about the framework

The Platinum Rule® model spans all cultures BUT it is important to remember that people around the world are socialized into a certain preferred way of behaving and The Intercultural DISC model explains why. It is a practical framework based on the most researched cross-cultural models to explain how national, cultural values and beliefs shape our behavior. This is the ideal tool in today’s fast-paced, globalized world where the new generation of business people and leaders need to be culturally intelligent and adaptable without being experts in 100s of different cultures. Intercultural DISC takes the Platinum Rule® into deeper layers of understanding people so they can be treated the way they want and need to be treated.”

Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of The Platinum Rule® and The NEW Art of Managing People, Top 50 Marketing expert in the world, Hall of Fame speaker.


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