Without Diversity and Inclusion we’ll be Dead

Yes, Diversity & Inclusion are Fundamental to our Survival

The 21st Century is the age of globalization, inclusion and diversity not just because it seems the right thing to do; but because without it the human race will struggle to develop, advance, and on a more basic way even survive.

In Business

employee performanceDiversity and Inclusion are at the forefront of today’s accelerated global growth. Increased competition (the main reason why some people are so afraid of diversity) has contributed to increases in global wealth, technology, and even health care improvements all over the world. It will be too long to simply type here all of the relevant information but here are some other articles that we have published about it:

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In your Personal Live

chef_salt_pepper_1600_clr_5286Without diversity and inclusion we will not have the quality of life that we have today. Coca-Cola is a product derived originally from two plants, one from Africa ( the Kola nut ) and another from Peru (the Coca leave), and it is potentially one of the most popular drinks and brands all over the world. Without diversity and inclusion we will not have the richness of classical chamber music, the blues, jazz, rock and roll, and all other kinds of modern music. Without diversity and inclusion we will not have Shakespeare, Honore de Balzac, Jules Verne, Star Wars, Rambo, or even “Do you think you can dance”. And without diversity we may not have the NFL, NBA, MLB, and so many other diverse and very successful sports franchises.

Without diversity and inclusion we will only know our local culture and you will not be able to enjoy (at least in america) Chinese take-out, a Cuban sandwich, French cuisine or wines, or Arabic Coffee. So basically without diversity life will be .. well less diverse and rich ..

Without Diversity and Inclusion we all be Dead

And here is the clincher for all of those who are against diversity. Without genetic diversity and inclusion, and YES that means mixing the different races from around the world, we will all be dead.. As simple as that..

dog_standing_pose_1600_clr_12412For many generations humans attempted to develop or maintain“pure” breeds in order to accomplish one objective or another. The best potential example of it is the dog, which has been men’s companion since before the stone age, and a descendant of the original wolves that roaming the prairies eons ago. Today you can find dogs that range from the pocket sized miniature ones, to the almost horse sized Brazilian Mastiff and Great Dane. But as men have experimented and breed dogs, we have also learned that “pure bloods” have reduced immune systems, and increased physical and neurological issues, not found on their less pure cousins the racially less pure but physically healthier “mutts”, “straights” or simply “mix breeds” cousins.

For humans it has been the same. In old Egypt and even all the way to Middle Ages Europe, pharaohs and kings will marry their own family members to “protect their royal blod” (in my opinion only to protect their wealth). The interesting part is that very quickly in 2–3 generations they found that “pure bloods” only had as a consequence a physically and mentally weakened individual, with increased health problems and reduced life expectancy.

It seems that it is nature’s way to tell us that Diversity and Inclusion are not simply great discussion words, and something you need to do to meet a quota. In business, in your personal life, and even as part of the reproductive cycle, we better remember that .. Without Diversity and Inclusion we all be Dead. 

How can we help you?

Cultural Diversity and Inclusion are at the forefront of our company objectives, and the fundamental basis of what we do. From our proprietary Intercultural DISC™ and Culturally Aware Leadership, Organization, and Management Model “CALOMM™”, to our training and development programs, our focus is on helping individuals and organizations reach their true potential.

To learn more about Diversity and Inclusion, or how our solutions can help your organization improve employee engagement, global leadership efficiency, or overall competitiveness and profitability, you can contact us at any time.

Jorge Mastrapa, PhD
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Jorge Mastrapa, PhD

Managing Partner at ICQ Consulting
Dr. Mastrapa is an internationally recognized author, public speaker, and cultural expert; with over 20 years of experience in the areas of culture and diversity, global leadership, and organizational culture.
Jorge Mastrapa, PhD
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