Employee Turnover Cost Calculator

Do you know the true cost of employee turnover at your company?

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Even many of the companies that understand the value of their human capital, fail to understand the true cost of employee turnover because of the inherent complexity of calculating it.

In order to calculate the cost of employee turnover at your company, you can either use the calculator on this page, or you will need to manually consider:

Hiring Costs

Onboarding Costs

Productivity Costs

Team Performance Costs

Customer Satisfaction Costs

Organizational Culture Costs

Now you know the costs, what are you going to do about it?

Employee turnover regardless of voluntary or involuntary, it’s not the cause, but a consequence of conflicts between the organization leadership, management, and employees. In the complex 21st century global business environment, companies need to address the needs of their extremely diverse and inclusive employee base.

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figure_slot_machine_win_1600_clr_10772-2Every organization is unique, and every leadership style, organizational design, and management model have been developed based on specific pre-globalization company samples. Today’s companies need to deal with the modern trends in diversity and inclusion, that range from gender, generation, race, to sexual orientation, religion, and even cultural backgrounds.

What worked in your previous organization, or simply before the last reorganization may not work any more.

Modern leaders and managers need to identify and deploy the right mix of leadership style, organizational design and management practices, that will motivate, engage and ultimately build; a winning organizational culture.


With over 20 years of experience in the field of strategic organizational change, culture, diversity & inclusion; ICQ Consulting can help you improve your organizational performance and profitability. Our process can help you:

 The true causes of the challenges that are preventing your organization from reaching its true potential.

 The specific needs of your organization with customized programs

 Or exceed your goals by helping you increasing employee engagement and leadership efficiency in the modern global business environment.


If you have any questions about employee turnover, or for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation about how can we help you address employee/management challenges at your organization you can contact us at your convenience.


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