What is CALOMM©

CALOMM© is an strategic organizational development model that can help companies identify the right combination of Organizational Culture, Leadership Styles, Organizational Design, and Management Practices. 



Leading in today's global environment, it's substantially different than leading yesterday's mostly local or regional business.

Today's leaders must be able to work with individuals and organizations across the globe, as easily as they work with those across their desks. Depending on your organizational culture, you may be required to lead at the front, or to be a democratic consensus leader in the middle of the pack. How do you choose?

CALOMM can help you identify the specific leadership traits that are required to address the needs of your modern and diverse organizational stakeholders.


From pyramid to flat, how do you know which organizational design model is the appropriate for your organization?

Organizational design is one of the most important components for the success of any organization. From flat, hub and spoke, silos, or pyramide, do you know how to select the right design for your organization?

CALOMM can help you determine which is the right organizational structure for your company, or even for your functional or geographical divisions


Managing is the process of making things right, and without managers companies will not be as successful.

The primary reason employees leave an organization, and one of the primary causes that impact their productivity, is the relationship with their direct managers. Are your managers helping or hurting your employee satisfaction an your company profitability

CALOMM can help you identify, develop, and implement the right management strategies that can help you improve your employee engagement and productivity

Are you ready to lead a true 21st Century Organization?

Because we can't solve 21st Century Challenges, with 20th Century Solutions.


Leading organizations in the age of globalization, diversity, and inclusion; requires leaders and managers that can implement the latest advancements, and proactively address the needs of their employees, business partners and customers. 


To learn more about CALOMM®, or for a FREE confidential, no obligation consultation about how could we help you improve your organizational performance you can contact us at any time. 



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